"hot ass video footage of a hot girl getting wasted @ new years party & lezzing out in a public bathroom" - submitted by her ex best friend  

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new years 2010 & these chicks have had a few too many!. watch video here

things start getting interesting in the girls bathroom - watch video here

like i always say every girl is a 6 pack away from kissing her best friend !! watch video here


now things are really getting juicy , i wish i coulda been at this party!! watch video here


these chicks were really getting into it!! watch video here


its amazing how she notices hat shes being filmed here lol!! watch video here


yea suck thhat titty !!! 2011 's gonna rock!!! watch video here


this chick here's just watching & loving the show!! - watch video here


ooops! hope she didn't drive that night! - watch video here


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