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one of my exes called me and wanted to hang out and catch up on old times. it seems she missed me and wanted to see how i was doing. so i took her out for a spin by the beach in my retro ride and she told me how much she missed the car too. i called ficus and told him to meet me at the beach because she was almost ready to pop. we broke up because she couldnt stand watching me fuck some other chick ever week on the net. she asked what those girls had that she didnt have and i told her bluntly how they were willing to have the fuck session filmed and she wasnt. she decided to prove me wrong once and for all. ficus filmed the whole thing and to be honest, after playing with her breasts for the first time in a long time, im thinking of getting back together with her. the only thing is she might want to me hang this milf hunting thing up and im just not sure if im ready to do that.