girl's name:  christine & barbie   /   update name:  the tanning bed   /   video:  64 minutes!

this weeks story:

this week on money talks, we find a guy playing soccer on the beach who is willing to take on kimbo for one pass up the middle. wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, do not miss the fury kimbo unleashes with one
tackle!  after that,  we cruised the beach, tryin to find a hottie in a bikini, to get naked for us, but we struckout!  :(  until i saw these 2 tourists, that just got to town, and convinced them for 20 bucks to kiss!  mmmmmmm looks like it tasted good! :p  lol.  later that night, we hit the strip to find some more work, and came up on these 3 that were down for anything, including lickin whippd cream off eachothers tits!  :p  then icey visits a local tanning salon, where he finds two blonde bombshells willing to get hot and
crazy in the tanning bed for the right price. money talks strikes again!   click here to see it!

try these 4 movie clips out for size!!!  :)
100% real action taken live right off the streets!!!
enter money talks

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